There are some amazing people in this world and I think we don't give these types of stories enough attention. This fast food worker deserves the spotlight.

Ridge Quarles, an employee at Qdoba Mexican Grill in Louisville Kentucky went in for a regular day at work. Prep the food, clean the tables and feed a customer? You read that right, Quarles fed a customer, but this wasn't just any customer.

This customer was a disabled woman who visits this restaurant, her favorite, whenever she can. The excellent customer service started when Ridge and his manager spotted the woman in the parking lot where they proceeded to help her get into the restaurant after her wheelchair was giving her some problems.

After Ridge got in her order and sat her down and got her situated to eat he asked if she needed anything else. She then responded, "Help me eat?", Ridge was more than happy to help and his manager knew he needed to get a video of this act of kindness. We commend Ridge, a fast food employee who should be entitled to more than minimum wage.


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