The huge red bow on the gleaming new car sitting in the driveway of a sleek house with the manicured shrubbery that is covered by the perfect amount of new fallen snow. If you've seen one Christmas car commercial, you've seen them all. When you see the husband or wife handing over the keys to their spouse as they all stand around in their flannel robes it all looks so exciting. The big surprise on Christmas morning but is this really a good idea? Here are a few reasons why you should think twice about the big red bow.

1. The color - What if your spouse hates the color you picked? They say "Don't you know anything about me?", and you say, "It's a surprise! How can you be so picky?" Better call their bestie before you sign any papers.

Relationship problem - couple portrait
Martin Novak

2. She likes the truck - This commercial could be your life and if you aren't an SUV driving guy, you might think twice about assuming your wife wants a mommy mobile.

3. Who's paying for this - There is a new car in the driveway and it's super exciting, I mean who doesn't love that new car smell? But who is going to be writing the check every month for the next 60 months? Can we afford the insurance bump? What did they offer you on our trade-in? So. Many. Un-Christmasy. Questions.


4. Is that where you've been this whole time - It takes so much time to shop for a car. Looking at different dealers, test drives, the endless haggling and the hours it takes to finally sign on the dotted line. How did you not notice that your spouse has been missing so much? Are there any other surprises you need to know about?

Doubtful Woman holding Question Mark
William Perugini

A new car for Christmas. Um, I think I'd rather have a platinum Starbucks card.

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