Ah, the Super Bowl – that glorious time of the year when football fever sweeps the nation, and the only thing more intense than the game itself is the betting frenzy that surrounds it.

While some people make bets on the actual game, players, stats, and other sports-related things, there’s the other half of people (like me) that focus on the entertainment part of the Super Bowl!

Forget touchdowns and field goals – here, you'll find folks wagering on everything from the length of the national anthem to the number of times Taylor Swift is shown on screen.

We decided to join in on the prop betting fun and created a KISS-FM prop bet game and you can join in on the fun! We’ll read your guesses and results live on-air during Monday’s morning show!

Join in on the fun with The KISS-FM Super Bowl Prop Bet by clicking here. 


**Game Related Bets:**

1. Coin toss result (heads or tails)
2. Which team will score first?
3: Will Travis Kelce Throw the heart sign if he makes a touchdown?
4. Will the game go into overtime?
5: Who will win the Super Bowl
**Commercial Bets:**

1. Will a commercial featuring a talking animal be aired?
2. Will there be a commercial with a political theme?
3. Total number of beer commercials aired during the game

**Halftime Show Bets:**

1: Who will Usher bring as a guest during his Halftime Performance?
2. What will be the first song performed during the halftime show?
3: Will he play “It’s 7 o’clock on the dot” from Nice N Slow

**Other Fun Bets:**

1. Length of the national anthem performance (over/under)
2. Will any player propose on the field after the game?
3. Total number of times the camera shows Taylor Swift


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