I knew there were many reasons why I love music. Now, I have one more reason. According to research studies, listening and playing music can help your immune system. The journal, Brain Behavior and Immunity say there is a consensus among researchers that listening to music reduces cortisol levels. A  2007 study in the Journal of Music Therapy by A.J. Ferrer states that music can be “as effective as diazepam” in reducing vital signs of anxiety.

I didn't realize it when I was a teenager but I was reducing cortisol levels in my blood when I put on the old headphones. I learned to "escape" through music at a very early age. The research shows that listening to slow, calming music may help with lowering your blood pressure, too. The bottom line is listening to music is good for you and your health. So tune in to 93.1 KISS FM and let the healing begin.

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