In Granbury, Texas, a once-peaceful community has been thrown into chaos since the arrival of a massive 300-megawatt Bitcoin mining facility in 2022. Residents are tormented by the relentless whirring of cooling fans for thousands of computers. The noise pollution is incessant, with windows rattling and ears ringing. The animals in the area are visibly agitated, showing signs of extreme stress. And the repercussions extend beyond this small town—raising ominous questions about the stability of the entire Texas power grid.

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Bitcoin Mining’s Energy Impact on Texas

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The Marathon Digital-owned Bitcoin facility is part of a broader trend of cryptocurrency mines springing up across Texas, attracted by the state’s low taxes, abundant land, and deregulated energy market. These energy-intensive operations are causing electricity demands to soar, leading to potential increases in utility bills for ordinary Texans.

Health and Environmental Concerns

Residents' health is deteriorating due to the constant noise, with many experiencing hearing loss and stress-related issues. Pets are also suffering, with some showing extreme stress behaviors. The environmental impact is severe, with power plant expansion plans likely to increase carbon emissions substantially, drawing ire from climate activists.

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Community Response and Legislative Actions

The community has not taken this quietly. Residents are vocal about the detrimental effects, and local law enforcement has cited the facility multiple times for noise violations. State legislators are increasingly concerned about the impact on the Texas power grid, fearing that the immense energy consumption could lead to blackouts during peak demand periods.

As Texans grapple with the consequences of Bitcoin mining, the balance between technological advancement and community well-being remains a contentious issue. Read in more detail HERE.

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