Just because El Paso isn't Houston or Dallas or even San Antonio doesn’t mean crazy amounts of money ain't getting dropped around here on ridiculously fancy homes with an unnecessary number of bathrooms.

Like this property on Tuscany Ridge in West El Paso.

At 2.5 million dollars, the six bedroom estate has the distinction of being the most expensive house on the market in El Paso as of this posting.

Yup, 2 and a half million dollars.


In El Paso.

So what else does that kind of price tag get you? Well, there's the six bedrooms, plus eight total bathrooms, and nearly 8, 400 square feet of living space for starters.

The listing also mentions a "host of impressive features" like a home theater room, game room with its own kitchen, a pool/spa "with resort-style entertaining areas," and an elevator -- because climbing stairs is for suckers!

And if the square footage of a Neighborhood Walmart isn't enough space to keep you from bumping into family members you're not in the mood to talk to, you can always go outside and enjoy the panoramic views from the patio or the well manicured lawn.

That's living the dream, baby.

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