They say everything is big in Texas, and that goes for home prices too.

If you thought the 6 million dollar price tag for El Paso's most expensive home currently for sale was steep, behold the priciest property in all of Texas.

The nine-acre Dallas estate known as Preston Hallow is on the market for a whopping 28.5 meelion dollars!

And what will that sum get you? In addition to 15,254-square-feet, 4 bedrooms and 6 full baths, the three-story main house has a spa, library, leather-walled billiard room, an elevator (because walking is for suckers!), and a natatorium.

A whaa?

I looked it up; it's a fancy way to describe a swimming pool in its own building. Yup, the pool has its own pad.

The property also boasts a lake, several gardens, tennis court, and a two-story guest house. Oh, and it’s cable ready.

28.5 mill and no satellite dish! *Smh*

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