In what has become almost a city tradition, human flake Morrissey is once again denying El Paso fans a chance to see him.

You may remember that the ever-flighty Moz postponed his El Paso shows repeatedly through 2013 before just canceling the entire tour. He did show up in 2014, but he almost got choked, because apparently we can't have nice things. So it made sense he'd lay low for 2015 -- besides, he was talking about maybe quitting for good around that time. But lo and behold, he set up another show in November 2016, scheduling his very last show of his tour at the Abraham Chavez here in El Paso, and all seemed well again.

And then he canceled again. Again.

But wait -- Morrissey announced a six-date mini tour this week, specifically mentioning that some were make-good concerts for last year's cancellations. Here's the list:

Morrissey 2017 Tour Dates (make-good shows in bold):

  • 04/01/17 – Guadalajara, MX @ Roxy Festival
  • 04/08/17 – Santa Ana, CA @ When We Were Young Festival
  • 04/10/17 – Tucson, AZ @ Fox Tucson Theatre
  • 04/12/17 – San Antonio, TX @ Tobin Center for the Performing Arts
  • 04/14/17 – Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall
  • 04/15/17 – Dallas, TX @ Majestic Theatre

Hmm. Some of that list looks familiar. A lot like the last four stops he was set to make on his tour in November...

  • 11/16/16 – Dallas, Texas (McFarlin Auditorium)
  • 11/17/16 – San Antonio, Texas (Tobin Center)
  • 11/19/16 – Houston, Texas (White Oak Music Hall)
  • 11/23/16 – El Paso, Texas (Abraham Chavez Theatre) <---WHOA, WAIT A MINUTE

Unless you feel like making a road trip, you won't be seeing Morrissey in this city any time soon. Because it looks like El Paso is not a performance he's looking to make up. On second though, don't plan a road trip. I mean, heck, who says he won't just rage-quit on I-10 somewhere in the middle of Texas?

It's enough to make a fan write a sad song.


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