How many people can say that they had the chance to teach Spider man how to spin a basketball on his fingers? Not many, however one El Pasoan can totally add that to his resume!

Montwood High School Grad and Basketball superstar, Sam “zig zag” Diaz recently spent some time in Oakland, California and hung out with a few students to show off a renovated basketball court for the kids in the area.

Sam Diaz has been known for his slick basketball skills on the court when he travels with the Harlem Globetrotters, but one of his passions is also giving back to the youth in communities all across the nation.

Back in 2019 he made a stop in his hometown El Paso with the Harlem Globetrotters and he stopped by Providence Children’s Hospital to teach some of the patients a few basketball skills.


Well, fast forward a few years later and Sam would able to teach those same skills to none other than Spiderman himself, Tom Holland!

Sam and other basketball stars partnered with a non-profit organization, Project Blackboard, to renovate a public basketball court in Oakland, California to strengthen the community and to make sure the area is safe for kids to enjoy.

Also making a guest appearance at the renovation reveal was Euphoria actress, Zendaya, and her boyfriend AKA Spiderman, Tom Holland!

Zendaya grew up in Oakland, California so it was only fitting that she stop by her hometown and give back to the community she grew up in.

During their time at the park, Zendeya learned a few basketball throwing skills from some of the players there and her boyfriend Tom Holland got in on the action too.


In a video shared online, you can see El Pasoan Sam Diaz walking Tom through the process of how to spin a basketball on his fingertip.

In another clip, Sam provides Tom with a few tips on how to get the perfect shot when he’s about to shoot the basketball and it seems as if those tips worked because Tom would make the shot flawlessly.

I went to high school with Sam and he was always a great guy so it’s awesome to see how he continues giving back to people in need while still pursuing his passion of basketball!

Keep making El Paso proud, Sam! (And if you ever get to teach Post Malone how to play basketball can you tell him I love him.)

Sam Diaz vs Tom Holland

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