Did an Oklahoma mom get her point across when she made her 8-year-old son stand outside holding a sign reading: “I picked a fight because I’m a bully”? Janie Peterson came up with the punishment after getting a call from the school principal saying her son, Malachi, was being suspended for three days for fighting with another boy.

According to Malachi, he and the other boy were fighting over a girl. "Whoever won the fight, they got to be the girl's boyfriend," Malachi said. Well, his mom wasn’t haven’t any of it – the fighting part, or the boyfriend part. "He's 8-years-old. First off, there's no reason for him to be all about a girl right now, and second off, assault is assault whether you're eight or 88. I'm not going to put up with it."

Do you think the punishment fit the crime or is what mom did a form or bullying itself? Bad Parenting or Bad Decision? Post your comments in the "leave a comment" box below.