Bullying used to mean you got pushed up against a wall by a thuggy kid on the playground who then stole your lunch money.  But social media has taken bullying to a horrible new level, and El Dorado High School students say it has to stop.

The students at El Dorado were going to make a video to try and win a Katy Perry concert at the school, but they decided to turn their attention to bullying, and send a message to their fellow students that bullying is something no one should have to endure.

The students filmed, produced, and edited the video that shows them dancing in the halls to ‘Roar’ while holding up messages about bullying.  The whole project took 6 days to complete.

Congratulations to the students at El Dorado for standing up against an ugly problem.  It's not easy to tell your peers that their bad behavior is wrong.  I hope your message gets through to kids your age, and I hope that if you or someone you know is being an online bully, that you remember your video message and put a stop to it.