I have to warn you before you watch this video, you will need a paper bag and a box of tissues. The paper bag is for when you hyperventilate because you will be so angry that this beautiful boy is sobbing in his mom's car about being bullied and was picked up yet again from school because he was too afraid to go to lunch. Kids pour milk on him and throw food at him and make fun of his nose. It took me a half hour to calm down after I watched this video.

You'll need the tissues because this sweet boy is desperate to know why he is being bullied. Not picked on. Bullied. Kids are horrible, I know. We all dealt with being picked on, but being bullied is another thing entirely. I was bullied in middle school by a girl who wanted to kick my ass and told me so at the top of her lungs in front of everyone in the school between every class. She had people walking up to me to tell me that she was going to bash my face into a locker at lunch. She would run into me like a linebacker in the hallways. She knew I was a wus and she used it to her advantage. It was freaking hell. But I had friends who helped me and stood by me and it got me through that horrible year.

Keaton Jones, the boy in this video, seems to be on his own. His mom's voice breaks my heart, too, because you know she is trying to stay calm and not march into the school to get in the faces of the kids who are destroying her kid. I just hope that Keaton has some friends who can help him the way mine did me.

And please don't say 'That kid just needs to toughen up.' No. I'm sorry, but having a kid sobbing in the car and desperate to not be the kid who is being tormented is over the line. Yes, we need to teach our kids to be tough and work out their differences, but we've seen what the systematic mental torture of a bully can do to a child. Over and over, we see cases of children who commit suicide because they cannot take the abuse any longer. We as parents need to hold our schools and other parents accountable. Teach our kids that a little schoolyard bickering is one thing, but this kind of bullying will not be tolerated.

God bless Keaton Jones. I just want to hold him and tell him that things will get better. And then I want to walk him to class every day so he doesn't have to go it alone.

Talk to your kids about bullying, and if your kid is a bully, look at yourself and what you are doing to either cause it, or what you aren't doing to fix it. Kid's lives depend on it.

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