When we were kids, most of us had to deal with bullying on the school playground, maybe in class, or even while we walked home from school. But in this day and age, kids have to deal with online bullying on Facebook, Twitter, and a million other social media platforms.

There have been heartbreaking cases of kids taking their lives because of the pressures of bullying, and try as we might as parents and teachers, we can't seem to get a handle on this problem. This video is part of the documentary 'Happy', that puts together ways to be happy by exercise, fostering a sense of community, and scientific proof that there are things we can all do to help each other be simply happy.

The kids in this video break my heart because of the bullying that they suffer, but also because of the sheer courage they display by holding their heads up and telling their fellow students how they suffer from bullying by the very classmates they are standing in front of.

I hope that these kids learned a lesson. I also hope that we teach our kids to put themselves in the shoes of those kids so they see the pain bullying causes.

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