One of the things you learn when your kids go to school is that as parents we go right back to our high school days of jocks, nerds, and other assorted high school cliches. There are six kinds of moms that you're going to run into no matter where your kids go to school. Which one are you?

1. Bully Moms - These are the moms who take over PTA meetings by standing up and yelling. They know you have an opinion, but they also know it's the wrong one.


2. Sports Moms - These are the busiest moms you'll ever meet. They drive a van or a huge SUV because they need room to take their kids and their equipment to baseball, soccer, swimming and every other kind of sports practice known to man. Her kids are either going to be Olympians or that guy who grunts too loudly at the gym when he lifts weights.


3. Cool Moms - You know the cool girls in high school? They're grown up now and look like the cover of Mom You Wish You Looked Like magazine. The good news is she's the mom who invites everyone over to her house for margaritas and has craft projects to keep the beasties happy.


4. Wannabe Moms - They wanna be a Cool Mom, but they're the social climbers of the Mom set. Unless you're a Cool Mom, they don't have much time for you.


5. Loner Moms - Not much is known about these moms because they drive off right after they drop the monsters off in the morning, never help out in their kid's class and never talk to anyone. If you're over at her house and she tells you not to go into the refrigerator in her garage, do as she says. That's where she keeps the severed heads.


6. Granola Moms - These Earth Mamas will have you choking down wheat grass shots when she asks you to her house for drinks. You'll have to get used to eating her gluten free, fat free, tofu brownies, made with shredded carrots. They're delish, really. Yeah. Stay away from her, too.


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