FOUR REASONS YOUR MAN HATES VALENTINE'S DAY: Have you ever wondered why your man dreads Valentine's Day? Why to him it's more of an obligation or a "scam" than anything else? "But, Mike", you're saying. "Flowers, chocolates, dinner! What's not to love?" For him, plenty. And it could be you're to blame.

#1. You Don't Do Anything For Him. Valentine's Day is supposed to be a two way street. Couples are supposed to show their love and appreciation for EACH OTHER. So, while, no, he's not expecting flowers and candy and jewelry he probably wouldn't mind something. (A steak and some sexy time comes to mind!)

#2. You Expect Him To Change. Just because it's Valentine's Day your man isn't magically going to turn into a romantic smooth-talking Don Juan overnight. You need to lower your expectations.

#3. You"re Not Happy With What He Comes Up With. If his intentions were good and he put some effort into it and really tried to make it a nice evening for you, don't ruin it by acting all upset because it wasn't exactly what you'd hoped or expected. Which leads to ...

#4. You Don't Make Your Expectations Clear. Woman in general always expect some sort of grand gesture, like what movies and romance novels have drilled into thier heads it should be like, but it's usually really hard for guys to come up with stuff on their own. (Refer back to #2) So let your man know EXACTLY what you want to happen.

So cut your man some slack, ladies, and don't put so much pressure on him this "holiday."  Oh, and make him a sammich!!!