Check out Mike & Tricia's exclusive interview with Ethan Hawke and Ben Dickey.

Ethan Hawke along with Ben Dickey stopped by the KISS-FM Studios to talk about their latest film, Blaze.

Blaze is the new film that was directed and co-written by Ethan Hawke and stars newcomer Ben Dickey to the big screen. The movie tells the true story of Blaze Foley who became a legend in the Texas outlaw music scene after his abrupt death.

Mike & Tricia had a chance to talk to both stars about the film, how it came to be, how Ben Dickey got the lead role and the legacy that Blaze Foley left behind.

Both actors also talked about a new movie project that they are currently working on.

Blaze is being screened tonight, Tuesday, August 28, at the Alamo Drafthouse Montecillo. For ticket information click HERE.

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