We still have our Christmas tree up in the studio and Mike read somewhere that Valentine's Day trees have become a thing. I knew that people were using their trees as Halloween trees, something I don't understand because Christmas trees aren't Halloween trees, and this week, I also had to fight against the rising tide of Valentine's Day trees.

If you listen to the show, you know that Mike has this thing about fajitas. He is a purist about them and insists that chicken or shrimp being called fajitas is wrong because by definition, 'fajita'is a specific cut of meat. It doesn't describe the way they are cooked. Well, I feel the same way about Christmas trees. You can dress them up like whatever holiday you want, but they'll just be Christmas trees in alternate holiday drag.

Mike says he's going to change out our studio tree. We'll see. If he does, I'm going to make him eat some chicken fajitas.

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