El Pasoans will take to the polls on Saturday to vote for a number of new elected officials. One of the biggest cases is the race to take over the mayoral office from current mayor, Oscar Leeser. Mike and Tricia Mornings had both candidates on the show and live Facebooked the interviews for our listeners.

Before you head out the polls, take a listen to the interviews so you can hear what the candidates have to say.

1:00 - Mike is surprised that David Saucedo is so tall.

2:29 - How are you going to attract outside businesses to El Paso?

4:00 - Does an El Paso mayor have to speak Spanish?

5:50 - Should we be named a sanctuary city/immigration issues.

8:31 - Where is infrastructure money going?

9:10 - Westsiders vote and they get roads fixed, not so much in the Lower Valley.

10:40 - Where is the information on corruption in City Hall?

13:00 - Who is having City employees sign loyalty oaths?

15:10 - Off the air, I'm going to ask you for those names.

15:40 - Durangito and the revitalization of downtown El Paso.

17:57 - Will you respect people's vote if they say build the arena in Durangito?

19:44 - What would you say to Dee Margo if you were sitting next to him on an airplane?

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