Beards are huge right now. For a while, the metrosexual, clean-shaven, corporate dude look was in, but that look has been taken over by guys who have begun to let their facial hair grow out and proudly rock a beard.

Hugh Jackman has sported a beard recently, as has Ben Affleck. Even uber-smooth George Clooney has thrown away his razor for a little facial fur. Women seem to love beards, as well. There are tons of articles in women's magazines talking about how amazing and manly the fellas look with a beard. But, did you know that those Grizzly Adams follicles can be as filthy as a toilet?

A few guys let an Albuquerque tv station swab their beards and the results were less than appetizing. Guys touch their beards a lot, and whatever is on their hands, gets onto their beards, including fecal matter. Sounds awful, but it turns out lots of things have fecal matter, including your toothbrush, and phone, for the same reason. If you touch things, and you don't wash your hands, whatever was on your hands will be on whatever you touch.

Fellas, we love us the beards, so wash your hands, don't touch your face so much, and come here and give us a kiss!

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