I've been getting these cute 'Step-It' activity trackers in my granddaughter's Happy Meals for a couple of weeks now, and we have not had any trouble with them, but McDonald's has pulled them from Happy Meals and will no longer give them out.

McDonald's says the activity trackers were supposed to be part of a push by the company to encourage little kids to be more active. The tracker's numbers on the digital read out change as kids move, and is supposed to be the reward for kids getting up and doing stuff. The trackers are made out of plastic and there have been reports that the device is irritating kid's skin.

McDonald's says even though reports of the skin irritation have been limited, they decided to pull the toys altogether and will instead offer kids a different toy. No word on what those toys might be, but I'm sure the beasties will dig it just as much as any other Happy Meal toy.