The bar where a woman was drinking last week is under investigation.

23-year-old Sherry Lorraine Rodriguez was drinking at Maverick’s Billiards and was allegedly drunk when she hit Officer Andy Rodriguez early Friday morning while he was conducting a sobriety test to another suspected drunken driver in an unrelated incident. The El Paso Police Department released a video that showed Officer Rodriguez pushing that driver out of the way before being hit by a patrol unit that Rodriguez ran into. When she was arrested, Rodriguez admitted to having a few drinks at Mavericks, but said that she hit the patrol unit because someone had hit her car and caused her to lose control.

The TABC said that after they watched KFOX14’s report about the incident, they opened an investigation into all three Maverick’s locations in El Paso. They said that if their investigation determines that alcohol was sold improperly at Maverick’s, it could lead to penalties, civil fines, or even a temporary suspension of Maverick’s alcohol license.

There could also be criminal charges against the employee who served Rodriguez.