It appears any glimmer of hope is gone and the end of the buffet line for Luby’s in El Paso and statewide is imminent, after all.

The Houston Chronicle reports it uncovered filings with the Securities Exchange Commission that show the company plans to close all the remaining Luby's restaurants by the August end of its fiscal year. There are two restaurants in El Paso currently operating, one on Hawkins across from Cielo Vista Mall and the other on N. Mesa and Sun Bowl Drive.

The will-they-or-won’t-they close drama has been going on since June of last year when news broke that the beloved Texas cafeteria chain has been in dire financial trouble for quite some time and that it would likely liquidate and dissolve in the coming months.

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After reopening most of the restaurants that had closed because of pandemic restrictions, Luby's COO Todd Coutee took to social media in September to assure fans the restaurant was not going away “for a long time,” giving many the impression a buyer would be found and fan favorites like the creamy macaroni and cheese and golden fried fish weren’t going anywhere.

Ultimately, though, the liquidation plan was approved by shareholders in November and per the documents filed, liqudiation is "imminent," and "the likelihood is remote that we will return from liquidation."

If you visit the Luby’s website now you’ll get a message that reads,

Yes, we are open. We appreciate your continued support and we want to create new Luby’s memories with you and your families. Enjoy some of our limited time offers available today!

By all accounts, Luby’s time truly is limited so load up on LuAnn platters and square fish while you still can.

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