Good news, bad news fellow Luby’s lovers. It is not the end of the buffet line for Luby’s in El Paso, after all.

I am happy to report the company found a buyer and the new owners will continue to serve up LuAnn platters for the foreseeable future. According to a Luby’s press release, a Chicago-based company has agreed to buy 32 locations of the beloved cafeteria state-wide.

The bad news is, unless you live near or are willing to drive to the Luby’s across from Cielo Vista Mall then no creamy macaroni and cheese or golden fried square fish for you. Only the one on Hawkins is among the 32 existing restaurants included in the deal.

There was no mention in the press release of what will become of the location on N. Mesa near UTEP.


The Houston Chronicle reports Luby’s interim president “is still evaluating how to best monetize the company’s remaining assets, including locations not named in the deal,” so there’s still hope the one on the west side won’t go the way of the former Chelsea location and close for good.

Fingers crossed they work something out because where else am I going to get my cubed jello fix and fool myself into thinking I'm eating healthy because I added green beans to my plate of chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes with extra creamy gravy?

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