A Lubbock firefighter accused of posting explicit video of his ex-girlfriend to a porn site after she broke up with him has been placed on administrative leave from the fire department.

Police say Travis Parkinson, 36, secretly videotaped his ex-girlfriend performing sexual acts while they were dating. The relationship (shocker!) didn't work out and investigators in the case say Parkinson posted the video to a porn site after the woman wised up and kicked him to the curb.

According to a Lubbock Avalanche Journal report, the woman told investigators she learned of the video when she began receiving Facebook messages and friend requests from men who had found it, along with her name and city, on the porn site.

Investigators said included in the evidence in the case are emails Parkinson sent to his ex-girlfriend in which he threatens to post the video to humiliate her.

The video has since been removed from the site, but remaining on Parkinson's alleged profile page are several comments condemning the video being posted without the woman's knowledge. You know you're a total scumbag when even guys commenting on porn sites call you out for your disrespect of women:

Firefighter XTube Comments

Parkinson, who has been employed by Lubbock Fire Rescue since 2003, was charged with online impersonation (a felony) and improper photography in late June and released on bail, but was indicted by a grand jury yesterday (July 8) on the charges. After Wednesday's indictment, the fire department released a statement saying Parkinson had been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

The state of Texas has one of the strictest online impersonation laws in the country, and if convicted, Parkinson faces up to 10 years in prison on that charge alone. Which might be the only place Parkinson will be able to find anyone willing to date him if found guilty in all this.

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