It's right up there with food, alcohol, and even some drugs.  The buzz we get from checking our phones explains why we do it so much.

We probably don't think much about it when we're reading a new text, but apparently, we get a little high from finding out "new information."

I'm fascinated with finding out more about what makes us tick, and when I ran across the article online I kinda geeked out and had to share.  I guess that new-information-buzz got me.

new study says discovering new information makes the brain's reward system launch into overdrive and we get a little jolt of satisfaction every time we find out something new.  So our phones are kinda like booze.

The buzz comes from scrolling through social media of course, and seeing what new information our friends are posting, and it also works in other situations.  The researchers found that we tend to over-value information and we want to acquire info based on its actual benefit, but also on the anticipation of its benefit, regardless of whether it's useful or not.  So, we want the job offer, even if we have no intention of taking it.

Anticipation plays a huge role, and if we think something might be good, we assume it's even more valuable than it might actually be.  It works when we see that Tinder guy pop up with a new text.  We see his name and get excited that he's about to get flirty, and all he says is "Hey."  Well, at least the buzz was there for a minute.  The reward is bigger if we're anticipating peach crisp with Cool Whip on top because there's more likely to be follow-through with that deal.

At least now we know why the phone pulls us in so often.  Our brains can't tell the difference between a new text and chocolate it seems.

So, next time you're on your phone, download our mobile app!  It's free, you'll have the music everywhere you go, and you can win stuff.  All of that is also very rewarding.

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