Lea Michele's 'Louder' is out next month, so it's an exciting time for the 'Glee' actress and singer. Songs from her solo debut have steadily found their way online. The latest track to land on our radar and to tickle our ears is 'On My Way.'

Michele has a powerful voice and that is evident on this EDM-lite track, which sounds like its on its way to several remixes designed for the dancefloor. It has that sort of construction that invites interpretation and multiple variations.

The song is about the push and pull that often takes place between the heart and the mind. Michele's narrator wishes she could listen to the advice that she doles out, but of course that's easier said than done when her heart is wrapped in barbed wire. It's lyrically vivid, for sure.

She sings, "My heart's too drunk to drive / I should stay away from you tonight." But she can't. Who hasn't been in one of those romances that lets your emotions rule your brain?

This song should appeal to fans of Miss Michele's work as Rachel Berry.

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