Celebrate the end of the month, by shopping and dining local.

The creative peeps in Downtown El Paso have been putting on these Last Thursday events for awhile now, and they are thriving more than ever. Take a night to know your local artists, chefs and shop owners.

I love to see all the new artwork and tasty treats that my fellow El Pasoans have come up with. Even one of my childhood friends has opened up a shop in Downtown El Paso, Tres Toros. She makes some of the cutest purses and can do custom projects for you.

If you need some candles with David Bowie or Prince on them, they have those. Awesome artist t-shirts, jewelry, plushies and so much more is available at Last Thursdays. Don't miss out, because then you will have to wait to the end of October for the next one!

You can always reach out to the artists, shops, and restaurants at any time of the year, but Last Thursdays just tries to give you a little push to have all these local artists together at one time. Take advantage of that.

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