Given downtown's long and rich history, it should come as no surprise that it is arguably the most haunted part of town. This weekend, 3 El Paso paranormal groups are giving you the opportunity to discover its eerie history.

The ghost walks are a perfect way to not only get into the Halloween spirit, but also learn all about Downtown El Paso's ghostly tales, urban legends, and sinister past.

And, hey, a little fresh air and exercise can't hurt.

  • Downtown Tour, Fri. Sep 29

    El Paso Ghost Tours

    Tour the basements of downtown locations with real paranormal investigators! We will take you into real haunted locations where you can be the investigator!"

  • Downtown El Paso Ghost Tour, Fri. Sep 29

    Ghosts 915

    This 2-hour walking tour will take you on a journey through the historic & haunted streets of Downtown El Paso... you will hear stories of forgotten cemeteries and Old West shootouts uncovering tales of mysteries & ghosts along the way"

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  • Mysteries & Mayhem: Downtown Ghost Walk, Sat. Sep 30

    Lost El Paso Paranormal

    A paranormal walking adventure of history, mystery, & mayhem... meet the restless spirits of the city... uncover secret symbolism of haunted and historic buildings... listen to chilling tales of murder & unsolved mystery."

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  • Haunted Brothel Tour, Sat. Sep 30

    Ghosts 915

    El Paso’s original 'sin' comes alive. We will take you into the darkest alleys and reveal El Paso’s secret history. This two-hour walking excursion...will take you to the sites of some of the most infamous brothels, exposing murder, corruption, adultery, and prostitution of the Old West."

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