Here's the latest on the Las Cruces firefighter we first told you about last week who was facing disciplinary action after a photo of his wife breastfeeding while wearing his uniform went viral on social media.

We've since learned he has been disciplined and that it was for violating department policy regarding the use of his uniform.

In a press release to the Las Cruces Sun-News, the president of the firefighters union revealed that the firefighter, who has been identified as Mike Lopez, was reprimanded by the Las Cruces Fire Department for “policy [related to] the use of the Las Cruces Fire Department brand." He added that “the content of the photo is not the reason for the disciplinary action.” In other words, not because his wife is breastfeeding in the photo.

Via ABC-7:

"The policy states, "LCFD personnel shall not authorize any party to use photographs or any depictions for the purpose of promoting or endorsing a product or service without written permission from the fire chief or his designee. Such items include, but are not limited to: LCFD uniforms, badges, patches and stations and facilities."

The LCFD union president said since the photo was posted on a professional photographer's Facebook page, it violated this policy."

Lopez wasn't suspended nor is he in danger of being fired, although neither he or the union would say what specific disciplinary action was taken.