A Las Cruces firefighter is facing disciplinary action after a photo of his wife breastfeeding was posted and shared on social media, reports CBS4.

The image, shot by local photographer Tara Ruby, is part of a collection of mothers in uniform nursing their children. The photo has reportedly drawn the ire of the department because the fireman's wife is in his firefighter helmet and gear.

It is not known if her wearing the uniform violates the department's uniform policy, if such a policy exists, or if it's because he did not seek prior approval. A spokesperson for LCFD would not comment or "discuss any aspect" of [the investigation] because it is “a personnel matter," per the TV station.

However, someone who claims to have knowledge of the inquiry told CBS4 the firefighter, who has not been identified but whose surname is apparently written on the helmet, could receive anything from a reprimand to unpaid leave as punishment.

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