Perfect bodies are a great thing to aspire to, but we can't all have them. Sometimes, even celebs have to deal with the weight of being less than perfect, or even, too perfect.

Kelly Clarkson was 'fat-shamed' recently by some Fox News doofuses who said she should stay away from the deep-dish pizza for a while because she is still carrying extra weight after giving birth to her daughter a few months ago. We constantly see Hollywood stars posing in bikinis just a few weeks after giving birth. Last year, 30,000 people signed a petition asking Victoria's Secret to get rid of its "Perfect Body" ad campaign because people thought the image of impossibly thin models was a bad image for young girls. They ultimately changed the campaign slogan from 'The Perfect "Body"', to 'A Body For Everybody', but didn't change the photo of the impossibly thin models.

It doesn't matter what size models are because no matter what they look like in real life, they are airbrushed so much for photos that they don't look real. A new ad campaign for Lane Bryant does matter, however, because it shows that no matter what size you are, if you're confident, you can still look like a hottie. The #ImNoAngel campaign from Lane Bryant brings together some women who are not the usual Victoria's Secret model and shows them being all sexy and whatnot in some cute lingerie. People say it's a shot at Victoria's Secret. I think it's just a fun way of showing you don't have to be a size 0 to be considered hot.

We're all angels, and we're all a little bad, as well. It would be nice if we could just remember that no matter what the world sees, underneath it all, we're all just wearing a bra and panties.

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