Throughout her “cancer journey” ABC-7 KVIA news anchor Estela Casa has opted to wear a wig on-air – until last Friday (7/6).

Ten months after telling viewers she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and six months after completing six rounds of chemotherapy which resulted in hair loss, Estela said goodbye to her wig on live TV.

The hair reveal began with a pre-produced segment in which Estela disclosed that not only did all the hair on her head fall out, so did her eyelashes, eyebrows, and “even the hair inside my nose.” She divulged that along with wigs (nicknamed Daniela, Stelita and Scarlett by her children), she wore fake eyelashes and “penciled in the eyebrows” daily.

When the cameras cut back to the studio, Estela had removed her shoulder length wig and was instead sporting her recently grown out locks. “I'm now embracing my new and curly hair," she told viewers.


Although declaring her wig-less look “kinda liberating,” you might see her wearing one of her three wigs again.

“I think I’ll be wearing it once in a while when my hair starts growing kind of strange and out of place,” she told Doppler Dave. “You know, that awkward stage.”

For now, though, she’ll be rocking her natural ‘doo, and inspiring other "cancer warriors" like she has since she began her battle.

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