Watch as Monika rappels off the Anson Mills Building in downtown El Paso in support of the El Paso Zoo.

Over the weekend I had the awesome opportunity to go Over the Edge and rappel down the Anson Mills Building in downtown El Paso for a fundraiser supporting the El Paso Zoo to benefit education, wildlife care and conservation efforts.

If you are afraid of heights then this isn’t for you, luckily I am not and couldn’t wait to experience the adventure of rappelling down a building. The process is quick and seamless; everything from suiting up in the proper gear to running through the steps of how to control the line and what to do in case you get stuck.

Once I stepped on that ledge I realized it was harder than it looked because you have to really push yourself outward away from the building while the straps and rope attached to you are pulling you forward, so you really have to get a good grip with your feet and push back until you can start to walk down the building. After that, it’s super easy, and while most folks who rappelled that day wanted to just get it over with, I tried to take my time and enjoy the view of the mountains and downtown El Paso.

All I can say is that the rush and thrill was one of the best I’ve ever felt, making this experience one I’ll never forget!

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