An anonymous person shared their point of view of what it’s like to live in El Paso and while it may be a negative answer it’s also way too humorous not to share.

Somehow I found myself on Quora Digest’s email list, they are an email platform were people can ask random questions about anything and other people, whether experts or just about anyone can chime in to answer your question and some of the answers are just too comical like what it’s like to live in El Paso.

The following answer was just of the many answers given – but this answer was less than positive and very bitter. We can only hope that life has gotten better for this anonymous person who posted the following on Quora Digest:

What is it like to live in El Paso, TX?

Like you’ve been sucked into a black hole of family obligation and stale, hot air with nothing around to do but drink alcohol and shop for clothes and are forced by your sheer paralyzing boredom to have 12 kids who will speak Spanish and 10 years later you’ll realize, damn I should work out because I really got fat from all of Abuelita’s homemade flour tortillas and carnitas and menudo and all the other literally medically heart-stopping food there which traditionally drips in slimy fat grease (and nothing matters more than tradition here) and none of the clothes I bought fit anymore but you’ll only use your Planet Fitness membership twice the entire year because everyone else is fat anyway so you figure eh, good enough, and you’ll just shop for more clothes and soon that philosophy will seep into the other aspects of your life like the tentacles of the town you can now never leave because of your 12 kids seeped over your soul and now too late you realize you’re trapped in this Hotel California ishhole mediocrity cesspool, except this hell of guilt and regret isn’t in California, it’s in f***ing El Paso, TX. – Anonymous

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