If there is one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I love entering contests. I also love entering my parent’s in contests and this time around, it really paid off.

Both of my parents are retired and they enjoy spending their mornings at home watching The View on ABC.

As a child I remember hearing the show in the background and now as an adult I find myself watching the show and jumping in on the hot topics with the rest of the show's hosts. Sometimes the topics are so hot that I find myself screaming at the TV. My dogs really hate that about me.

One day I came across a post on The Views Facebook that asked for viewers to let them know who the biggest “Super Fans” of the View were.  “Super Fans” had a chance at joining the ladies of the View for a live taping of their show.

I thought this opportunity would be GREAT for my parents because they could use a nice little vacation to New York where the show is usually taped at.

I tried my luck and filled out the form.

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Fast forward a few months later and I got a call from one of the show's producers, Robin, who called just to ask me a little bit more about myself and about my parents as well. 

At that time I had already left KVIA full-time and I was in the middle of still searching for a job so I spoke to Robin about that transition in my life and I also mentioned that I was spending my time doing work for my non-profit organization, Mija, Yes you can.

Now, let's fast forward several months later. I would receive another call from a different producer, Emily, who asked if me and my parents could jump on a zoom call with her and the other show's producers.


We would do another final zoom call after that one a few weeks later and it was then when producers would inform us that they would like to feature me and my parents as one of their "Super Fans.” We thought our feature was just going to be an online article, but we’d soon find out that there was more in store for us.

A few days later a camera crew from Albuquerque, NM would make the drive down to El Paso and a show producer from California would fly in to El Paso as well to interview and record me and my parents.



Our day started at 6 a.m. and ended at 1 p.m. Producers gave me and my parents a script to look over so we could know what questions we would be asked.

Me and my parents spent the morning practicing what we were going to say but to our surprise, that script would just be a decoy from the real reason we were getting interviewed.



It was a long day but it was all worth it in the end when me and my parents were surprised with a trip to the Bahamas to watch a live taping of the show!

The best part about this surprise was that my favorite guest co-host, Ana Navarro, would be the one to pop up on the camera to give us the good news.


For me, Ana is a prime example of a strong and determined Latina woman. I admire her passion for the work she does and I love the fact that she uses her platform and her voice to advocate for issues she is passionate about.


Me and my parents were one of five other “Super Fans” that were surprised by The View with a trip to the Bahamas to celebrate the shows 25th Anniversary.


The View will be celebrating their 25th year on-air by taping their final shows of the season at The Bahamas and all us “Super Fans” will be able to join those live tapings and meet all of the hosts as well!

Seeing the surprise and joy in my parents eyes was the best part of this experience. My parents have been my biggest cheerleaders and my number one supporters so to be able to join them on this adventure is something that makes my heart smile.


Tune in next week to catch me, my parents and my son as we join the ladies of The View for a live taping from beautiful Bahamas!



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