Sometimes I really can't believe how awesome of a job I have! This week I am all over El Paso and have met some great listeners, winners and donators!

All this week I will be hopping around El Paso with the Easter bunny collecting Easter baskets for some kids in need! We barel are starting day 3 tomorrow and I am truly amazed by the generosity of El Paso! Thanks!

Keep donating El Paso! HERE is the link to read all about it!

Then yesterday I was out at Casa Nissan giving away an awesome prize! A trip to the Elite 8 Game at Texas Stadium in Dallas! Congrats to Hugo Valles! I had a great time shooting hoops and meeting the Casa Nissan guys! Thanks Mike and Alberto!

ANNNND all week Monika is broadcasting from noon to 2pm at Pop's Cantina! Since I'm in town and live in Las cruces I go hang out for lunch! Super delish! Come join us! Out all week!