El Paso, Texas is no stranger to the heat, but if we’re being honest sometimes we try and forget about that Summer heat so it’s always an unpleasant surprise when triple digits creep back into our forecast.

Summer officially begins June 20th, but this week the borderland can expect to get an early taste of Summer as we expect afternoon highs to reach the triple digits AND ABOVE! *Gasps in Spanish*

According to the National Weather Service of El Paso, a significant heatwave is set to sweep through the area from Wednesday to Friday, with the highest temperatures expected on Thursday.

Triple Digit Heat Ahead:

In El Paso and surrounding areas, temperatures will climb into the mid to upper 90s on Monday and Tuesday, potentially reaching 100 degrees. By Wednesday, temperatures will increase further, with forecasts predicting 104-107 degrees for the El Paso area.

Because of these hot temperatures, a Heat Advisory will be in effect on Wednesday and Thursday.

The National Weather Service warns that Heat Risk values will range from Moderate to Major across much of the area, with El Paso County and the nearby regions facing Major Heat Risk on Thursday.

There May Be Relief In Sight: 

Despite the intense heat, there is a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday. However, temperatures will remain around 100 degrees, providing little respite from the heat. *Cries in Spanish*

Stay Safe In The Heat:

Anyone working out outside and planning to be outside during these hot temperatures is asked to take precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses.

Stay hydrated, avoid strenuous outdoor activities during peak heat hours, and seek air-conditioned environments when possible.

Keep an eye on vulnerable people such as the elderly and young children, and ensure pets have access to shade and water.

El Paso Spray Parks, Splash Pads

Gallery Credit: Courtesy: elpasotexas.gov

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