Your favorite KISS-FM DJ’s are sharing their first concerts ever.

Before we all got into the radio biz we had no idea how much music would become part of our lives outside of being music fans like everyone else. So we decided to share with you our first concerts ever.


Mike’s first concert  was when he went to go see AC/DC way before they were the mega giants that they are today. We are talking the Bon Stock years, mid ‘70s back in McAllen TX when he was a mere lad of 14 years old.


I was super impressed by Tricia’s first concert especially because I have never seen him live in concert. Tricia’s first concert was at the age of 14 when she went to go see Willie Nelson at the El Paso County Coliseum.


Angel told me that he ditched high school to go wait in line to get into the El Paso County Coliseum to go see Van Halen during the David Lee Roth years. That’s an awesome first concert if you ask me.


Little Eddie was about 8-years old when his mom took him to see Trinere at Ascarate Park. His mom actually won the tickets through Z93 which happens to be the former radio station and frequency of what today we call 93.1 KISS-FM.


Sweet cat loving Emily went to go see NSYNC at the Sun Bowl when she was in the 4th grade. We are wondering if this was right around the time Justin Timeberlake had his ramen like bleached out curls.

Joey C

Joey's first concert was incredibly when he went to go see Whitney Houston at the age of 9. Interesting side note - Whitney was actually preggars with Bobbi Christina at the time of her performance at the Pan American Center in Las Cruces .


The first concert I went to see was Megadeth and Dio at the Don Haskins Center when I was 13 years old. I still remember that I wore my faded out blue jeans, a red long sweatshirt, my bud converse high-tops and just like today I lost my voice for singing along and screaming my guts out – I guess some things never change.

And there you have it -  our first concerts were musically diverse from pop, rock, country and heavy metal, but one things for sure, we all love music and we love sharing it with you, our listeners.

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