93.1 KISS-FM plays in the background as a random fight is captured by onlookers in the middle of traffic somewhere in El Paso.

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The video opens with 2 males and a female standing around when all of a sudden the male (#1) wearing all black takes a wild leap and breaks out with a Chuck Norris style roundhouse kick to male #2 but then falls flat on his back.

Soon after, male (#2) and another male (#3) along with the female kick and punch male (#1). The brawl doesn’t quite show how it all started, but it looks like they were in traffic at some point.

The female is then seen opening the door to a red vehicle that is in traffic, grabs something, and throws it out into the street. After re-watching several times, I think they may have been the driver’s keys, who was the guy who was getting assaulted.

Was road rage what led to this altercation? Not sure – but we hope the guy who thought he could kick his way out of that is okay today.

By the way, how do I know that the people that filmed this are 93.1 KISS fans?

Because if you replay it again and listen closely, the 93.1 KISS-FM announcer can be heard in the background. Enjoy.