93.1 KISS-FM plays in the background as a random fight is captured by onlookers in the middle of traffic somewhere in El Paso.

Fitfamep is where you can find all your El Paso Dramarama and where I usually find myself after jumping into a Twitter rabbit hole.

Fitfamep shows a random fight in the middle of El Paso traffic – looks to be somewhere in West El Paso. Based on the location of the car dealership in the video, my best estimation is that this fight occurred off of the Gateway near Redd Rd. where Viva Ford is located. I may be wrong.


The video opens with 2 males and a female standing around when all of a sudden the male (#1) wearing all black takes a wild leap and breaks out with a Chuck Norris style roundhouse kick to male #2 but then falls flat on his back.

Soon after, male (#2) and another male (#3) along with the female kick and punch male (#1). The brawl doesn’t quite show how it all started, but it looks like they were in traffic at some point.

The female is then seen opening the door to a red vehicle that is in traffic, grabs something, and throws it out into the street. After re-watching several times, I think they may have been the driver’s keys, who was the guy who was getting assaulted.

Was road rage what led to this altercation? Not sure – but we hope the guy who thought he could kick his way out of that is okay today.

By the way, how do I know that the people that filmed this are 93.1 KISS fans?

Because if you replay it again and listen closely, the 93.1 KISS-FM announcer can be heard in the background. Enjoy.


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