2020 has been a year filled with new experiences for many people, especially teenagers. As a new school year begins, some parents might need help explaining some tough situations to their young adults.

Kimberly B. Jones's latest book "Our Friendship Matters" helps both parents and teens open up the conversation about tough racial issues like police brutality, racism and prejudice.

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Jones's book addresses these social issues from the perspective of a black privilege teenager. The choice to write her latest story this way, according to Jones, helps create a story that hits so many different angles.

This novel also covers the entire Black Lives Matter movement including the discussion around vandalizing during protests, and what it's like to be on both sides of the argument.

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Now more than ever, younger generations are making sure their voices are heard, but it is still up to their parents to make sure the message they are spreading is factual and not just a trend. Sometimes we can get lost in the importance of a movement from what we see on television, so it is good to slow things down and curl up with a good book, like "Our Friendship Matters."

You can start the conversation with the teens in your life by following Jones's steps for successful friendships without regard to race.

  • Read articles, books, or research your friends’ culture to educate yourself of their background.
  • Ask questions such as how your friend who is an African American feels about police brutality.
  • Understand each other’s views.

The impact you have on your child at an early age towards biracial friendship will help protect them throughout their lifetime. You can preorder Jones's book, "Our Friendship Matters" over at books2read.com. Teachers and parents, feel free to contact Jones to schedule a virtual book signing by sending an email to info@historyforpreschool.com.

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