Former President Barack Obama has posted his list of favorite movies, books and music of 2018. Yes, he isn't our preseident anymore, BUT he is a man with great taste and power in this world. He is using the power he still has to influence others to check out some of his favorite entertainment of the past year.

El Paso's very own breakout star Khalid made it on Obama's list of favorite songs with his collaboration with Normani, "Love Lies." This song has been killing it on the charts, on stage, and now it has made it's way to the former president's list of awesomeness. Khalid and Normani are really being recognize by some huge influencers.

Z100's Jingle Ball 2018 - Show
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As 2019 approaches, I am extremely excited to see what Khalid will be doing within the year! Will he be in El Paso to drive around with Aaron Jones again? Will he have the biggest hit of 2019? We can only hope for great things for this amazing artist who proudly calls El Paso home.

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