Everyone is crazy excited about Joe Jones being the last Jo-Bro to tie the knot. While he and wife Sophie Turner plan to still have an elaborate wedding according to prior interviews, I don't think they can beat how cool this surprise Vegas wedding was. Tons of different celebrities in crazy outfits were there, plus "Elvis" did marry them.


What is really cool as you watch Diplo's Instagram story is the quick glimpse of Khalid's iconic hairstyle. When I first watched the video I instantly was drawn to that hair thinking, "WHAT?" I tapped back to watch it again and then I noticed the incredibly colorful outfit on the body of the iconic hair. I immediately typed in Khalid's name into the Instagram search bar to find Khalid's Billboard awards outfit and BOOM, totally confirmed it.

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Diplo was sitting next to Khalid during Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner surprise Las Vegas wedding and Khalid was in attendance because he seriously is everywhere these days. As a huge star now, it is only appropriate for him to be at these lavish events.


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