Americans love a man with a mustache.

Tom Selleck? Hubba hubba!

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Johnny Depp? Yes, please!

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Burt Reynolds? Back in the day hotness!

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This guy from 'Parks and Rec'? Manly mustache!

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The American Mustache Institute - yes, there is such a thing - wants to add Ken Bone to the list of mustachioed men of distinction. They give away an award every year, the Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year award, named for the actor and singer who really rocked the mustache in his day. (Will Farrell Goulet on Conan O'Brien.)

You know Ken Bone - best name, ever - as the guy in the red sweater at the Clinton/Trump debate last weekend. Social media went crazy for Ken, and now you can extend his fifteen minutes of fame by voting for him to win the mustache award. Keep Ken in the national spotlight! Who cares about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

Vote Ken Bone!!