The Presidential and General Election will be here before you know it, but the in-person voting process at some of the polling locations may operate a bit differently than what most people are accustomed to due to the current pandemic.  At some locations, they’ll actually allow for express curbside voting come November.

Safely allowing people to exercise their right to vote is the main driver towards this unique method of voting.  However, if anybody is thinking curbside voting is the method that works best for them, make sure to keep in mind that you may be in line considerably longer that you would when using the drive through at a bank or fast food place.  On the bright side, it gives you more time to jam out to Today’s Best Mix! (shameless plug, I know but I just couldn’t resist).

Express curbside voting will entail the following:

  • Voters will stay in their vehicle and follow the signage and canopies placed at the polling site until they are next to an election clerk/team member
  • A voting team will be on hand at these locations and will have a cart ready with necessary tools for the voter
  • Voter will be given a Vote Safe El Paso Kit which consists of a disposable stylus, hand wipes, and finger cot
  • Voter will be asked to sign in on the poll pad and use a touchscreen to cast their vote (similar process to what is already in place for in person voting)
  • Once done, voter can proudly wear their “I Voted” sticker

Express Curbside voting sites are below:

  • Arlington Park
  • Bassett Place
  • El Paso County Coliseum
  • Marty Robbins Recreational Center
  • Officer David Ortiz Recreational Center
  • Oz Glaze Senior Center
  • Sunland Park Mall

Voters who have filled out a mail-in ballot can also drop them off on the east side of the County Courthouse on Campbell Street without leaving their vehicle.  An election clerk/team member will take your ballot to the ballot box for you, but you’ll need to show identification and fill out the voting log.

For more information on curbside voting as well as general election questions, please call 915-546-2154.  You may also get information by clicking here or here.

Early voting will be held from October 13 through October 30.  Elections day will be November 3.

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