On Mike and Tricia Mornings today we were talking about not shaving your legs. The subject came up because Katy Perry says she is no longer shaving hers. If there is anything we know about Katy Perry it's that she keeps it real. She has talked a lot in the past about her various hair color changes, her love of makeup and playing dress up, but she's also talked about how none of her looks when she's performing are easy on her or her team. She's never made it seem like all that fun and fantasy is anything but a lot of work to pull off.

When she got pregnant, she shared a lot of photos of her dealing with the reality of carrying a child and showed the non-glamorous side of her life for all the world to see. Recently she showed us that keeping it real now extends to her legs, specifically, keeping them real by not shaving them. Her co-host on American Idol, Luke Bryan, gave her some grief about her leg hair and she said she would rather cuddle with her daughter than shave her legs.


I've gotta agree with her. We've all been rocking sweat pants and leggings for over a year, scrunchies have become our best friends, and I know you've been slacking off on shaving your legs. I know I have, but if you want some good excuses why not to shave your legs, here ya go:

1. It's better for the environment - All those plastic disposable razors do nothing but clog up landfills. Go green, go hairy.


2. It saves water and money - It takes a while to shave your legs not to mention wastes water. Stop shaving your legs and you'll save money on your water bill.

Osvaldo Maldonado

3. Ryan Reynolds - Unless your husband looks like Ryan Reynolds then he shouldn't complain if your legs feel like Sasquatch's especially if you are otherwise a hottie. He gets a set of six pack abs and ripped arms, you'll go back to shaving your legs. Deal? Deal.

Carlos Alvarez

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