KTSM is attempting to help spread the word about a Juarez Farmer struggling with a creature who continues to kill his animals. The weird thing about this situation is the man believes the chickens and sheep that are being killed are having the blood sucked out of them. It sounds crazy right, but we who live along the border instantly think A CHUPACABRA!

The man isn't just saying this is happening, he has proof. KTSM shared a video of the graphic scene of almost 100 dead animals around the man's farm. The man picks up a chicken to show the area where it looks like two fang marks pierced through the chicken. If the video is too graphic for you to watch, the only real importance of the footage is that those animals are not ripped apart like most are when an animal attacks them. They are pretty clean and only have those weird fang-like marks.

According to the statement KTSM received from the man in South Juarez, the police have ignored his proposition for help. He will now attempt to capture the creature he believes is killing his animals by using traps he will set up along his property. There is no proof that this is a chupacabra but maybe this man could catch could finally catch one to convince the world the legendary creature is true!

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