According to,  "Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development."  The Autism Society of El Paso's mission is to Improving the lives of all affected by autism since 1965.

Join Care Group Meeting at the Education Service Center- Region 19, 6611 Boeing. All are welcomed to this meeting and special guest will be Zahire Villa from MCH Family Solutions.

There will be child care available and a light dinner will be refreshments will be provided.  It all starts at 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

If you would like to reach Autism Society of El Paso please call 915-772-9100.

Amy Gravino said it best, “I believe that inside every person who is bullied there is a strength and a tenacity to survive. You don’t always know that this strength exists, but if you make it through those dark times, you become aware. You become a survivor, someone whose courage and spirit is far stronger than all of the hate and cruelty of their bullies. The one thing that I want to impart to children with autism is knowledge of their own inner strength, and the belief that one day at a time, they, too, can get through this.”

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