Edgar “Scissorhands” Guerrero has been cutting hair for over ten years now, but it wasn’t until last year when he decided to take his hair cutting skills to another level, a level that would offer sensory friendly opportunities for children in need.

Edgar’s cousin had asked him to cut her son's hair one day but Edgar knew this specific haircut would be challenging because his cousin’s son has autism and is very sensitive with haircuts.

Edgar took this challenge as an opportunity to research how he could make his nephew more comfortable while getting a haircut and that led to Edgar offering other children with sensory needs haircuts during special hours.

Krista Del Toro recently took her son who has autism to get a sensory friendly haircut from Edgar and was amazed at how calm and happy Edgar was while cutting her son’s hair:

"My son is so proud of his haircut and was showing it off. It has given my son so much confidence he has never shown before."


Courtesy: Krista Del Toro
Courtesy: Krista Del Toro

Parents can call for an appointment ahead of time to schedule a haircut for their child. Edgar will then ask the parents about their child’s needs including what they’re sensitive to, favorite snacks, movie or music.

Appointments are usually an hour and a half long and the client will have the shop all to themselves during that time and Edgar will dim the lights for the client if they are sensitive to light.

Sensory haircuts are available at The Gentlemen’s Barbershop which is located at 14701 Marvin Lane in far east El Paso.

Appointments are available from Tuesday through Saturday and every other Sunday.

Edgar and his partner are excited to be offering these special appointments to parents and their children.

Both men are hoping to decorate their shop and create special barber chairs shaped as toy cars to create a safe space that’s comfortable for all children to enjoy their haircuts, but they are in need of funds to help them create that safe space.

The men are accepting donations from the community to help them buy material for decorations and other material that would be used to build the custom barbershop chairs.

Donations can be made via Cashapp $ThatPlaceBarbershop or you can contact Edgar through his Facebook page by clicking here.

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