This was vintage Jerry.

The owner of the richest sports franchise in the world, Jerry Jones, was on his weekly radio show Tuesday morning when he couldn't stop coughing.

Jones was on 105.3 "The Fan" when the coughing started and it took him a few seconds to get it under control.

Once he did, the owner and General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys jokingly asked for some oxygen, then requested perhaps a shot of JACK!!!

While Jerry is known to enjoy himself, I know that he was joking about the shot of whiskey, but if offered, I doubt that he'd turn it down.

The flu bug has made its way into the Cowboys' locker room in recent weeks, and I certainly hope that it has not reached Jerry.

Check out the moment it all went down on the sports station in Dallas.


If it wasn't an illness that Jerry was dealing with, perhaps he put too much salt on his McGriddle.

This came from HBO's "hard knocks" last year, and it shows Jerry Jones covering his breakfast biscuit with salt.


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