Jerry Jones is no stranger to controversy. But the fiery owner of the Dallas Cowboys is facing a little backlash for dressing up as a blind referee for Halloween.

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Anybody who has been paying attention to the NFL this season knows that the referees have been horrible. Sure, they've made plenty of mistakes over the years, but this year, there seem to be more than normal. Nobody really knows why "the zebras" have made so many bad calls, but Jerry Jones seems to have an answer.

Sports Illustrated tweeted a picture of "his answer"

Honestly, not only do I think this is hilarious, but I think he has a point as well. I wasn't alone in this thinking either.   

As you can see, even those that can't stand Jerry thought it was hilarious. Let's just hope the NFL does have a sense of humor. Then again, Jerry is loaded so the fine would be like you or I going to the store to get a loaf of bread.

By the way, I love that last tweet where the user used the hashtag #dezcaughtit because he did!

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